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Chimney multifunctional Mickey Mouse.

License: Disney - Mickey Mouse, Myszka Mickey

Product Code: 0C0005N1000000

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  • Chimney multifunctional Mickey Mouse.


  • Protects against cold.


  • Sewn from two layers of knitwear.


  • Inside a soft fleece.


  • Colorful aplication.


  • A large cardboard label with an elastic band attached to the chimney with which you can make a face mask (eg for a carnival) with the image Mickey Mouse.


  • Original labels.


  • Composition:

- 100% polyester.


  • Universal size.

Product Features

By weight: 0,064 kg


UPC: 3609081038765

TAX: 23%

Colour: Blue

Size of Caps: Universal size


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