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Package 4 pieces, 70x140cm. Towel Star Wars.

License: Star Wars

Product Code: A00303G7PAKIET

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Availability: In Stock

Stock Levels: 1000000 Komplet

  • Size: 70x140 cm.


  • Package 4 pieces.


  • Free from sales restrictions across Europe.


  • Towel Star Wars.


  • Big, soft.


  • Well absorbs water.


  • Ideal after swimming, swimming pool, beach.


  • Big application.


  • Original labels.


  • Packed in foil.


  • Size:

- 70x140 cm.

  • Composition:

- 100% Cotton.

Product Features

By weight: 1,144 kg

Symbol: SS09024-1-1


TAX: 23%


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